Step 1 - Tell the program how many lanes your track has, and how many Heats you want to run.  If you want the results separated into different Divisions ... set them up now

Step 2 - Enter the names of the racers and, if you have setup Divisions, what Division each racer is in.

Step 3 - Have the computer create the Racing Grid (racing order) and print out sheets to hand out to your ‘race officials‘   Click here to see a Race Grid

Step 4 - Enter the times for each racer.  If you don’t have a timer to get times from you can enter 1 for first place, 2 for second place, etcetera.  When you enter ‘places’ 1st place will be displayed as ‘1.000’ and 2nd place will display as ‘2.000’, and so forth.

Step 5 - Print out the race results.  You have your choice of printing a single heat by itself, or the average of more than two or more heats, or the Final results at the end of the race.

Lather - Rinse - Repeat - If you have another Heat to run yet ... go back to the Enter Times screen, run some more cars down the track, enter their times ... then come back to this screen and print out the new results.