Of course, you can set the font and size to anything you want.  Here I had the font set to American Typewriter at a 12 point size, which fills the page nicely.

The Scale Speed is calculated based on the scale of the car versus the distance they travel from the starting gate to the finish gate (all of the tracks we have around here are 32 feet long ... so the distance is based on that size track)

Now all the cars have run down the track for their second run.  Notice that while John Brothers didn’t do very well in the first Heat, in the second Heat he did much better.  If this had been a “ bracket / elimination ” type of race he would probably be packing up and heading home by now.  But with this system, not only is he still in the race, but he just might have a chance of winning!

The asterisks beside the times for third and fourth place point out that there is a tie ! ( nice thing to point out to your announcer so he can make it more dramatic )

Since this Pinewood race has four Heats, the end of the second Heat is the halfway point of the whole race, so many packs like to announce the standings at the Half-Way-Point.  So, let’s print out the the First Heat and Second Heat combined together (the “cumulative” results for heats 1 and 2)

The computer has calculated the average of the two times recorded so far for each racer, and sorted those average times.  Jerry Johnson may not have had a very good first run, but his second run has pulled him up to second place, overall.  Another good run could put him in first place, but Berry Van Thompson had good runs in both Heats so far.  

In the third Heat, Jerry Johnson slipped back to fourth place, but Berry Van Thompson didn’t have a really great run either.  So Jerry Johnson still stands a chance.  But look what happened to John Brothers !  His Heat 2 and Heat 3 finishes makes him a contender as well.

Notice that this is the results for Heat #3 only !  So Heat #4 should be very interesting.

Also notice that nobody has been “eliminated.”

In the fourth Heat, Jerry Johnson pulled back up to third place, but Berry Van Thompson had a so-so run too.  So Jerry Johnson still stands a chance to beat Berry.  But John Brothers had another good run!  Combine that with his Heat 2 and Heat 3 finishes and he could snatch the victory from both Jerry and Berry.

These results are for Heat #4 only !  So the final standings are anybody’s guess.

And, again, notice that nobody has been “eliminated.”  (although it’s looking kinda grim for Mike Jackson)

With the fourth Heat completed the computer can calculate the average times for all of the racers and sort them accordingly.  

WOW! John Brothers has managed to hold his lead!  ... and where did Rob Silverton come from?  Well, when you look back over all the Heats, he was in either second or third place every time.  So, it makes sense (especially mathematically) that he should take second place.

But wait ! ! ! Those asterisks next to the times show that Rob Silverton and Berry Van Thompson have TIED for second place !  .... and the tie goes down to 1/100,000th of a second ! ! !

Wow! am I glad it wasn’t ME watching the finish line trying to decide the winner!

So, just how do you split a second place trophy?  Looks like a runoff race is in order!

When you print out the race results for Heat #1 you get this: