I finally added something that I had wanted the program to do for over two years!     

                                        But I'm getting ahead of myself....

First item .....

A user emailed me and said he had found a bug in the program.  He said that when he selected "Print To screen" and then under the drop-down menu for 'Division' and he selected 'All Divisions Separately' the program didn't do anything.  He was absolutely right .... because I had never implemented that option.

So now that works.  When you Print To Screen and select All Divisions Separately the window opens up and there is a button in the top-right corner that lets you cycle through all of the divisions (that you have defined for that race) in sequence.

Second item .....

Now we get to the feature I wanted to add two years ago ....  While I was in there fiddling with the 'Divisions' I programmed the 'Send Results to Spectator Display' to look at which Division you had selected and to only include the names from THAT division.  In the past that list would include the names of every registered racer whether they were part of that division or not.

What this means to you is that if you have your Divisions set to Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelo .... and you select the 'Tiger' division .... then that list will only contain Tigers!  In the past few years I have found myself using the 'Divisions' to allow me to run two or three packs of Cub Scouts as one larger group and in 'Division 1' I enter "Pack 66" and 'Division 2' is "Pack 67" and 'Division 3' is "Pack 268" .... but when it came time to announce the winners (although I could print them on paper separately) I could not list just the winners from a single pack on the Spectator Display.  With this version ... when I pick "Pack 66" from the Divisions dropdown menu and then print results ... the 'Send Results to Spectator Display' now only has the winners from Pack 66.  And then when Pack 67 is ready to announce their winners .... I select "Pack 67" in the Division dropdown ... print the results (either to the printer OR to the screen) and only the winners from Pack 67 are in the list ready to be shown on the Spectator Display.  Lather-rinse-repeat for Pack 268.

The next tidbit is one of those "wouldn't it be nice if it could ...." features.

When you are registering your racers .... in the registration tab .... the one with 80 or more buttons .... You can always use your mouse to click on a button the enter the Name and Division for that racer.  But now it's even easier to enter the NEXT racer.  Now you can right-click (or option-click) anywhere in that window and the program finds the next available button for you and opens the registration window for you to enter that racer's information.  I know this is a minor thing ... but just during testing I found this little feature pretty handy.

The last item is just a 'cosmetic' thing ....

When you are in the "Enter Times" tab .... if no times have been entered yet you can click the "Post" button in the top-right corner of the window and the program will display the lane assignments for that race.  It gives the lane number and the name of the racer that should be in that lane.  Once you enter the times (or places) for those racers that same "Post" button will post the times to the Spectator Display .... but you had no way to tell, visually, whether that button was going to post lane assignments or times when you clicked it.  NOW the caption on the button changes to "Post Lanes" or "Post Times" to let you know what it will do when you click it with your mouse.

And that is the latest crop of 'newness' for Pinewood Master

I discovered that the “Start New Race” menu option was not cleaning out all of the contents of the Reports tab (specifically - leaving racer names in spectator display box) and it was not resetting the one-cumulative-final selector back to one.  This has been solved.

Also, another user needed the ‘export text file’ option this year, so I added that back in.  Normally the “Export Text” checkbox is invisible, but now, if you hold the Option key while clicking the Reports tab that checkbox becomes visible.

Version 1.41 has been incorporated into version 1.42 release

NEEDED:  Somebody to test version 1.41 on an actual Derby Magic timer.

Another user asked if Pinewood Master would work with a Derby Magic timer, so I contacted the Derby Magic people and they told me how Derby Magic transmits their times through the USB port.

I built a 'Derby Magic Simulator' and I have Pinewood master working perfectly reading times from the simulator ... but I need somebody to test it with a real Derby Magic timer.

The first volunteer will receive a free registration code for Pinewood Master.    Email Me if you wish to volunteer.  

As of 25 October 2017 nobody has volunteered yet to test version 1.41 on a real Derby Magic timer.

It has been confirmed that version 1.42 works with MacOS Catalina.  If you are having a problem please download the Pinewood Master 1.42 from the downloads page.

The release of version 1.42 adds the ability of Pinewood Master to be able to communicate with two new timers ..... the Derby Magic and PDT timers.  I'm still looking for someone to positively confirm that Pinewood Master works with the Derby Magic timer, but my thanks to Kevin for helping me get Pinewood Master to work with the PDT timer.  For those not familiar with the PDT timer, it is a timer that is public domain and based on the Arduino Uno single board computer module.  You can get more information HERE .

Version 1.42 also includes a significant bug fix.  It turns out that although you could change the number of Lanes and Heats in the Preferences, and they would be saved and reloaded at the next startup ... But those modified preferences were not being carried forward into the Generate Grid screen or the Enter Times screen.  That bug has been squashed.  It now works as intended.  

These updates have not been implemented in the Laptop, or 150 racer versions yet.  I will post those as soon as I get them updated.

I thought that I had Pinewood Master working with the Fast Track timer. But Gerry C. emailed that when he tried to use it with his brand new Fast Track timer it was sending times but only the first lane was correct.  With about three days of testing and emails back and forth Gerry and I found the problem and with Gerry testing it for me we confirmed that Pinewood Master DOES work with the latest version of the Fast Track timer now.

Just a reminder that since Pinewood Master is a 64 bit application it runs under MacOS Catalina just fine.

This version is now Freeware.  I has all the same features, but now it will print to a printer without requiring a license.

In the last two years Covid-19 has almost curtailed mass gatherings such as Pinewood Derby races.   Another buzz-kill for Cub Scouts in general has been the LDS Church pulling support for Scouting in general.

So I am now offering the program for free in an attempt encourage races.

Keep in mind that, although the name may say "Pinewood"  this program can be used for just about any event where the racers are timed and those times need to be sorted.

Also note that I am currently running the program under MacOS Mojave (10.14.6) and I have reports that it still works under newer version of MacOS.  So if you are running an OS that is even newer it's worth it to try out this program for FREE.