Step 1 - Download the Demo that best fits your computer from the DOWNLOADS page

Step 2 - Open the .dmg file you just downloaded and when the window opens double-click the Pinewood Master icon

Step 3 - Open Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions or look at the brief Quick Start Guide below

Step 1

Double-click the Pinewood Master program icon to start the program.  This brings you to the Race Setup screen.

Race Sponsor - Enter who is running the race ....

     such as “Pack 217 - 2015"

     (by adding the year it allows you to save the race

      and keep records from year to year)

Number of Lanes - Enter how many lanes on your track.

Number of Heats - Usually this is a multiple of the number of Lanes on your track. 4 lanes would be          4 Heats, or 8 Heats, or 12 Heats.

Number of Divisions - You can setup anywhere from      0 Divisions up to 24 Divisions.

Step 2

Click on Racer Registration - This brings up the registration screen.  

Click on box number 1.  Type in the name of the first Racer and select their Division  ... (press TAB)  Type in the name of the second Racer and select their Division ....

After you have entered the last racer press the RETURN key.

Step 3

Click on the Race Grid tab.

Click the “Generate Race Grid” button - this assigns the racers to their appropriate lanes in each of the


If you are using Pinewood Master in Demo mode go to step 4

If you have purchased a license for Pinewood Master click the “Print Selected Race Grid” button - you can print all of the Heats or choose to print only one Heat.

Step 4

Click on the Enter Times tab - it will show you which racer is assigned to which lane

Let the cars go down the track!

Enter their times.  If you don’t have a timer you can enter 1 for First place, 2 for 2nd place, etcetera. If you enter ‘places’, when you type “1 (return)” it will be shown as 1.000, and “2 (return) will show 2.000, etcetera

If you have a second screen or projector connected to your computer put a check beside “Enable Spectator Display” in the bottom-left corner of the window, then click the Post Results button to show the finish order for these four racers

Click the “Next Race” button to see the next group of racers

When you reach the end of the Heat click the drop-down menu to select the next Heat

NOTE: I recommend that you Save the race at the end of each Heat (just in case....)

Step 5

At the end of the last Heat click the Results/Reports tab

Click the radio-button beside Final

If you have a Registered copy of Pinewood Master click the “Print Results” button to send the results to your printer.

If you are using Pinewood Master in Demo mode click the radio-button beside “to Screen” and then click the “Print Results” button

You will see a window pop up on your computer screen looking like this:  

And that’s it!  Race Completed!