Every Racer gets to race the same number of times as every other racer.  Every racer is in the race until the last car makes the last run down the track.

Since the race results are based on the sorted averages of all of the racer’s runs, if the math says it’s a tie .... then IT’S A TIE ! ! !  Every racer runs on the “fast lane” and every racer runs on the “slow lane"

The computer generates the racing order so you can hand out sheets to your Announcer, Gatekeeper, and Timekeeper and everyone can keep track of who is racing in what order.

Because everything stays well coordinated the race runs like clockwork.  A race that runs 35 racers, with all racers running 4 times (once on each lane of a 4-lane track) takes about 45 minutes from the first car down the track to the last car down the track.